Welcome to ballon festival!

29.03.17 / Welcome to ballon festival!


Welcome to balloon festival «The sea of ballons-2017»
Dear friends, we invite You to participate in the 5th South-Russian festival of balloons.

The theme of the festival is "The City of Miracles".

There are different miracles in the "City of Miracles". Here you can meet wizards and fairy elves, sea monsters and aliens, robbers and fairies. You can be a part of a fantastic carnival or make a journey to the Neptune's kingdom...

The festival program for You:

• Participation in favorite categories like: «The mobile platform of the balloons for the carnival», «Jam-ring» (12 minutes), the «Mystery Box», «Delivery bouquet» and «Small sculpture».

• A brand new category – «Full-height balloon costume for the carnival procession»!

• Free accommodation and meals

• Super discount on balloons

• Workshops and master classes from the best speakers

• Experienced trainers in the learning League

• Sea, sun and positive

• Lots of prizes and surprises

The regulation on the conduct of the festival "Sea of Balloons-2017"

The application form for participation in the Learning League

The application form for participation in the Professional League

The application form for Individual participation

For all questions please contact the project coordinator

Tel: +7-938-43-44-814; e-mail: moresharov2017@mail.ru

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